2019 3か月留学日記⑤


Hello, I'm AJ. I go to Gleeson College. This time I`ll write about culture in Australia.

Firstly there are many big parties. I got invited to a Birthday party with my friend that I made in school so I will like to share my experience. It was held at the birthday boy's house and the number of people who were invited was about 20 people. There were some people that I don’t know but we easily get to know each other. We danced, played pool, watch some TV program and it was an experience that I cant do it in Japan. I was there for like 6 hours. It was really fun and it was good that I made many friends because of this party.

  Secondly, people in Adelaide are really friendly and they really care about there friends. For example, my host family goes to a restaurant every Tuesday and eat and talk with there friends. they really respect each other. In school, many people really care about each other and I thought it is a beautiful thing to care about your friend.

culture in Australia is really interesting and nice. I would like to experience more about Australian culture.

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