2019 3か月留学日記⑩



Hi, I'm Futaba.

I go to Gleeson College.

Today I'll write about my school life.

First, we start a Homeroom class (Care Group) at 8:40.


This Care Group class consists of year10 and year11, so when we finished HR, we divide each class.

And these school students are everyone who has each time tables, it means Gleason students seem to be able to change subjects each semester or choose their own.

This is my time tables for the week


45 minutes per class


Sometimes the same as the class in my classmate, but basically everyone is different

We have Recess between two to three periods, this is break time and we can eat some food like snacks, salads, fruits, etc.

After 3, 4 and 5 periods, lunchtime starts. there is a purchase, where we can buy some food, drink and ice cream.

After 6 and 7 periods, our day's school life is finished, we go back home so early because the school closed at 4:30. We go back home by Metro bus or car or school bus.

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Australia can get a driving license at the age of 16, so year 11 students almost have a driving license and driving yourself when going to school and go back home.


We move to a class every class and this school is don’t have break time between the next class, so we need to move quickly. And all class laptop is required. Also, there are a few classes that use notebooks.

when we use a laptop? It is when we make a presentation and use a site named SEQTA.

SEQTA has contained a presentation made by a teacher, timetable, and homework, etc. And we checked teachers' presentations while class and sometimes we send presentations by email.

Basically, we don't have a chance to present our work in front of everyone, but some class has a lot of group work, so we need conversation a lot!



Second, I’ll   write about recent things.

Last Friday, we have a sports festival.

In the morning we went to Tilley Reserve and we were staying here until the finished sports festival.

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There were some competitions that I felt interesting.

For example, high jump, javelin throw, discus throw, and shot put, etc.

We divide teams into red, blue, green and yellow.

The weather was good to play sports that day.

I run 100m and 200m, they were very tired but I've enjoyed it.

The result was that the yellow team won.

It was a very peaceful and enjoyable day.