Hi, I was back to Japan early because that. So, I`ll taking about summary of last two month.

First of all, In holiday I went to a lot of place that I want to go. I went to center of Brisbane city and I waslooking around and ate tasty meals. Also, I went to Gold coast and jumped into the sea, went to the Water park which is theme park with a water slider etc. Then, I went to a lot of car shows because I love cars. So, I took a picture of cars and I looked some epic cars.

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Secondly, about my school. My school work or class were very hard for me because my teacher gave us much homework every day that takes long time and in week4,8 we had two big assessment which is writing, listening, speaking and leading. Also, I was spend a lot of time for school learnings and school work but I felt that I learned a lot of things and I think may my English was little bit improving.

At last, this last two month, I had a very good time because I can learned or known a lot of cultures and some knowledge. Also I thought I want to know about cultures and different peoples more. As a result, Iam very happy th    at I was able to go and I want to go if there is an opportunity.