Round Square Virtual Exchange with Tanzania

本校中学生と高校生は、タンザニアにあるラウンドスクエア校、St.Constantine’s International Schoolと交流をしています。バディの生徒とそれぞれが交流しています。WhatsApp、Zoom、Line, Google Meetsなど交流の形態はさまざまです。先日、両校の生徒がオンラインで集い、交流の中間報告会をしました。互いを知り、仲良くなっている様子がよくわかる和やかな会となりました。


タンザニアとのVirtual Exchange 中間報告会

毎週、交流には課題があります。1週目の課題は、相手の自己紹介を書くこと。2週目の課題は、クイズをすることです。生徒はOneNoteに交流の記録をつけています。その 2週目、クイズについての記録をご紹介いたします。青年期の生徒にとって相互理解を深めることは、自分自身を知ることに繋がっているようです。

May 19th (Wednesday) 

Today we have swapped quizzes to each other, and we had a lot of fun knowing each other's country more deeply and of course about each other as well. 


We taught each other our cuisines, traditional clothing, meaning inside the country flag and more. One of the things I did not know about Tanzania was about the traditional clothing. Abigail, taught me that their traditional clothing differs by the tribe, and her tribe, which is the Chaga tribe, wears clothes made out of cow skin or from hyena skin. Not like in Japan, these clothes aren't worn unless there is a special event, such as weddings. 


Another thing that I did not know about Tanzania was that most of the students/teenagers in Tanzania are willing to go to universities or colleges outside of their country. Of course Japanese students are willing to go to universities in foreign countries, but the majority of the teenagers in Japan decides to go to a Japanese university or college. 


An information I found interesting while talking with Abigail today, was about their new president. Because their previous president has passed away, they welcomed a very beloved woman as their new leader. She said that it's the first time ever for a Muslim woman becoming a president in history. I hope that Japan would achieve gender equality soon, because we still have strong stereotypes about man and woman that is causing issues in the society.