John Paul International Collegeに留学中のK君からのお便りです。

  Hello, I am a student who is living in Australia. Id finished my third blog. I was not good at Speaking English, but I kept studying English in Australia. I have been writing to improve my grammar. On the other hands, I experienced unfamiliar things that I had never tried when I was living in Japan. First, I want you look at these pictures 

It's a quite beautiful, isn't it?  

  I took these photos during a camp which was organized by a local group. I stayed there for 3 days. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this place. Whatever, I really enjoyed playing with other participant. We played some activities like volleyball, table tennis and even cricket. I had never played cricket before. It was like baseball. However, there is a difference between cricket and baseball. You can search it if you are interested. Most of them were Australian. I think people who came from foreign country were only me and my roommate who came from China, but I am not sure. By the way, I also want you know about the worst thing in Australia. It is a fly. I slept in a tent and I couldn't sleep well, because flies annoyed us and irritated us. Be careful and please remember that you must bring fly swatter when you come to Australia or to try hit flies with your hand. I killed many flies hitting by my hand. I think I mastered to kill flies. Please call me “Fly killer”.... Never mind. 


  Keeping our body healthy is one of the trickiest things to alive. I am trying to keep my body healthy everyday but It is not easy. It is even difficult if I live in Japan. So I want to introduce you that how to get good nutrition. Basically, eating 3 times per days is the most important part of keeping us healthy. However, It is difficult to eat breakfast, because we don't have any time to eat breakfast in the morning. Actually, I had already solved this problem. It is just to wake up early. Oh yes, I have a time to eat breakfast. No It is not enough. In the morning, our body lack of nutrition especially protein. Then, I want you show you how did I get protein in the morning. Look at the picture. 


  Guess what! It is a protein powder. Actually, my weight had been getting less and less since I came to Australia. That is because, Foods in Australia costs a lot so it is difficult to get enough protein from Foods. So I decided to buy protein powder. Now I am pretty healthyAccording to the manual, we do not drink protein more than 1 time per day but I drink it 3 times per day. I have never feel strange so it is might okay. I heard that you would be fat if you drink protein too much. However, it is not big deal for me. That is because I go to gym 1 time per week and go running more than 3 times per week. There is no need to worry about be fat. Honestly, I have never seen the person who became more fatter by drinking protein too much. If you have a plan to come to Australia, you should go running. You can running the road which is flat, huge and no people. There is the best place to run which I'd ever been.  

  I also have an interesting fact about Australia. Most park in the Australia has training equipment such as smith machine. You feel free to train at the park and some parks even have a basketball court. The park which I often go also has basketball court. I always saw someone play basketball at the park. Id played basketball with them before but I could not do anything, because they were really good at playing basketball and all of them were a lot taller than me. I remember that some of them was over 1.9 meters. I think it is insane. There is also basketball competition in week 10. A school which I go in Australia will hold it. I really do not look forward it because, our team has really good player so I am not able to anything at the competition. I would like to do kendo because there is no people who can do kendo. I will win if kendo competition held. 

  Final, I sometimes thought something like this “I really want to go back to Japan.”That is because, I have never taken a bath since I came Australia. I take shower instead of taking a bath everyday. I am going to go to onsen as soon as possible when I back to Japan definitely. Thank you for reading my blog. My grammar is not messy as before I written obviously. I really satisfy this studying abroad. I really want to share my skill to my parents right now.   

See you.