留学日記 2016 Final①


まずはGleeson Collegeに通ったMiraiさん

Hi! This is Mirai.
 I have like 4 more days till I go back to Japan! Time sure does fly quick. I've had a great week with my host family last week. I went to the Tea Tree Plaza for one last time to buy presents for my host family. They've been a great parent to me , so I bought my host mother a pair of shoes and my host father a tie and some handkerchiefs.
On Sunday we went to a match in the Adelaide Oval! It was great. The Port Adelaide won by 33 points!! I've never been to a match so that was awesome.

I was actually supposed to leave my host family's house on Monday, but my host mother wanted me to stay so I went to the other lady's house on Tuesday. It was really hard for me because they were the best family I've ever had. I was weeping all night.
On Tuesday, my English teacher asked me to do a speech about exchange students. It's going to be hard, and I know it. But I'll do my best because this will be the last I'll ever do a speech in English in front of the students in Gleeson. This will be my last diary I guess. Thanks for all the people who supported me. This has been a great trip, and my English speaking levels has increased and I know it!

See you at school!