3か月留学日記 11


こんにちは!オールセインツに通っているRです。 残り1ヶ月切ってしまいました。 精一杯頑張って過ごしたいと思います。


Assessment は個人で取り組む時がほとんどですが、ペアで取り組む時もあります。終わった時はとても達成感を感じ、また一歩成長した気がします。
次にここに来て今どんな気持ちなのかを話します。私は現地に来ている留学生は何の為に留学をしているのかが気になりました。留学とは英語の能力を向上させ現地で多くの経験をする。それが一般の方が考えている留学というものだと思います。 しかしここに来て多くの人と心を交わし合い話したり、沢山経験して気づきました。 殻を破って一方踏み出して動いてみれば必ず何が起き、それが自分の成長の力になっていると感じました。こっちに来て留学している時、一層”自分から”の大事さが感じられました。

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Hello! My name is Rin. I’m going to All Saints Anglican School. I’ll try my best because I have only one month left. This time, I would like to tell you about the school and feelings I have whilst in Australia.
First, I would like to tell you about assessments and tests because one blog ago I introduced subjects and study contents. Every week my teacher give me assessments and tests. Those were very difficult for me, but after my teacher gave me advice and checked spelling and grammar, I improved my English skills better and better. Assessment is usually working alone, but sometimes we work in pairs. When I work on assessment in pairs I try to communicate possibly. After assessment is finished, I feel a sense of accomplishment and I feel like I've gone a step further.
Secondly, I would like to write about my feelings whilst being here in Australia. I wanted to know why international students came here and what they were going to learn. Studying abroad is to improve English skills and then to experience a lot in the local place. It is the studying abroad that many people think is the reason why students come here. However I noticed when I came here I talked and talked with many people, I had a lot of good experiences. I noticed that the meaning of my studying abroad was different. I broke out of my shell and stepped forward and moved, then something happened and I felt it was changing my own growth power. I came to Australia and I felt the importance of "myself" more and that I should study English very hard! These were the best part of studying abroad!
Thank you for reading.