【St. Paul’s 】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記3/30


Hey, guys! I've been here for almost 10 weeks. I must go back to Japan soon. It's very sad.


This Friday was a public holiday called "Good Friday." So, Thursday was our last day of school in Australia. On the last day, my friends gave me gifts and letters. After school, we enjoyed dinner together. Thanks to them, I had so much fun every day. I'm so sad that I won't be able to see them anymore.


I had a very valuable experience in Australia. For example, we touched a koala, fed a kangaroo, and ate things we would never eat in Japan.

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I also went to the beach with my host family, made cookies, and had them help me with my homework. My friends and I went to Southbank in Brisbane, went to shopping malls, watched movies, and had a great time.

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Over the past 10 weeks, I have experienced something that not everyone experiences. Since coming to Australia, I have realized the importance of language and the greatness and importance of family and friends. I'm glad I studied abroad in Australia. I learned a lot of things. I am grateful for many things. I would like to visit Australia again if I have a chance.