バミューダ諸島Bermuda High School留学報告

2024年2月から3月、英国領バミューダ諸島にあるThe Bermuda High School for Girlsにて、ラウンドスクエアの交換留学生として過ごした中学校2年生からの報告です。

Before going to BHS(Bermuda High School) I was really nervous but when I went there everyone seemed so nice. So it was really easy for me to get along with everyone. I usually go to a school that has 70% boys and 30% girls, so it was nice to go to an all girls school and I enjoyed it a lot.

I loved the teachers at BHS. They never started by just pointing out the wrong things but they started by complimenting the students and then pointing out the wrong things and I thought that was really nice. There was a day called grub day."Grub Day," is a fundraiser (for donations /charities) where students and teachers pay a small amount of money (like 2-3 dollars) in order to wear home clothes.

I didn’t just learn in BHS but I learned a lot more. My  flight back to Japan was delayed and we had to rebook tickets but I managed to do it only by myself since my parents can’t speak English. Also my parents luggage got lost but I also managed to figure stuff out and we got everything back.  Sometimes it was hard for me but I tried to do my best and I think I got better in English. Now I love to talk in English and to keep up with my English skills as I try to talk to my friends in Bermuda as much as possible.