Hi! I’m Futaba. Today I’ll write about the last three days before leaving Australia.

Maybe I couldn't explain well my feelings at that time.


It was on the third day of departure that I knew to return home early.

I thought I had another two weeks, so I was thinking about what to do.

The teacher contacted me on Thursday and immediately told my friends. But then I thought I had more time to go home.

But the local teacher told me to go home at noon on that day and prepare my luggage, so I was surprised.

When I told them I couldn't explain well it in English because I was so surprised but they listened to the end and understood.

Then I wanted to take a picture with them, so I took it in a hurry.

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I went home, talked a bit with my host family, and went shopping. On the way, the date of the airplane was decided. I was shocked because it was Sunday. I went home and cleared my luggage a bit and the day was over.


Friday, the last school day, was a fun day as usual.

Finally, goodbye to everyone and my two months of school life has come to an end.

my friends gave me a stuffed animal.


I had dinner as usual with my host family.


I went to the zoo on Saturday. I was sorry that I could not see koalas and kangaroos due to the influence of coronavirus, but I enjoyed it.

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In the evening, I went to the beach with my host mother's parents for dinner.  


I was surprised when suddenly decided to return to  Japan and there was a little regret that I had not done what I wanted to do yet, but in the end, it was a really fun two months with a lot of experiences that I can not do in Japan.


Thank you for reading.