【Gleeson 】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記3/16

さて、残り約2週間となったオーストラリア3ヶ月留学。今回はアデレードに留学しているMさんからのお便りです。紹介されたbaby simulator robotは3kgあるそうです。

G’day from Australia!

Today, I will talk about my adventures in Australia for the last 3 weeks. I can’t believe that I came here 7 weeks ago.

Now I’m getting used to taking classes all in English but I still couldn’t understand perfectly. Many of the students are so kind to teach and talk to me, and I am touched by the kindness of all them. Also when I couldn’t express myself in English well, I got the desire to put more effort into studying English.

At school, I got the baby simulator robot in child studies class. As the name suggests, we learn about baby development in child studies class. And there are only girls in the class. Child studies class is one of my favorite classes in Australia. Each student in the class has to take the baby simulator for 4 days and look after the baby day in and day out.

The baby will cry at random times and I have to find reason why the baby crying.

To do that I will feed, change nappies and soothe the baby.If mishandled, the baby will cry in a very loud voice. I had to keep the baby with me during school classes. One day during my baby started crying, and startled my classmates and teachers. That was a tough week but I had a good experience.


it's my baby!! 

I also had a Japanese class from week 5, so I took a class with students and sometimes I teach Japanese to the Australian students. During the last class the other Japanese boy and myself taught them the Japanese game “Yubisuma” in Japanese. That was fun and I felt confused about how I can explain using Japanese to English speaking students.

On this weekend, I went to Adelaide Zoo with my exchange friend. There has more than 3,000 animals of 250 species. It was a place where I could feel nature.


We got to see a panda named Wong Wong. The Adelaide Zoo is the only zoo in Australia where we can see pandas.

We saw Kangaroo, Giraffe, Sumatran Tiger, Meerkat, African Lion, Brazilian Tapir, and many other animals. We saw a number of animals but my favorite was the quokka wallaby. Because it was super cute and was sleeping in the corner innocent baby.