今回はJohn Paul International Collegeに留学しているYさんからのブログです。サンセットを楽しむのが日課になっているようです。

Hello. I'm student Y that is studying in Australia. About a month has passed since I left Japan and started living in Australia.In the first week, I was surprised about the differences from Japan, but I'm getting used to life in Australia,and I'm enjoying every day. 

I go to John Paul International College. The school is very large and has a lot of nature. 


In the same class,there are Chinese,Korean and Taiwanese students. There are only me and one other Japanese student from Kogakuin high school who is in different class from me, so I have very few chances to use Japanese. I have to use English when I talk with my friends and teachers. I can't do it well and struggle, but I'm trying to communicate by devising strategies. 


A few days ago, I went to Gold Coast on a scool excursion.It was a little cloudy, but the sea was very beautiful,and I could go into the sea only up to my feet. 

The sand on the beach is different from the sand in Japan, so I feel good that new sensation and just the water temperature. 

I have something I look forward to every day since I came to Australia. It's watching the sunset. 

The sunset is very beautiful in Australia. It's a lot of fun to observe the sunset with a different color every day when I eat dinner. Before I knew it, my photo folder was full of sunset photos. I bacame to like senset in Australia. 

Sometimes,geckos appear in my room. Not only the school, there is a lot of nature near my house. 

On the weekend, I go to see the koalas and go shopping with my host family.This is the picture of a koala that I went to see the other day. 

I can see the koalas in the zoo in Japan, but think there are many places that I can only see them through glass. At the koala center I went to,there wasn't glass between the koalas, So I could see them very close. It was a lot of fun for me. 


I enjoy talking with my host family at home. There were many times when I am at a loss for words or I couldn't understand what my host family was saying during my homestay life. But, my host family explained to me so that I can understand and spoke positively. Also, they encouraged me when I feel depressed bacause I can't speak English well. I'm not very good at English, so I feel relieved that my host family treats me kindly, and I want t0 be able to speak English more. 

Study abroad in Australia is half over soon. I want to enjoy my life in Australia while studying English so that I have no regrets. 

See you.