【Gleeson 】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記3/16

同じGleeson の生徒からのお便りです。カンガルー島での体験やスポーツデーについて書いてくれています。スポーツデーは、今までで一番楽しかったそうです。どのように日本と違うのでしょう。

Hi I’m R. I’m in Australia for 8 weeks. Time goes fast, three more weeks and I’m going back to Japan. I really miss my friends but I really don’t want to go back. It’s more fun here than in my country. And I’m going to share with you guys what I did this week. First I went to the island called  Kangaroo Island. This island is full of nature and it’s twice as large as Tokyo. I visit a lot of places like national parks and a beach full of seals. The most amazing part of the island is, it has a beautiful ocean. You literally can see through the water. The sunrise was also the best.

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The second day in KI I went to the beach and ran eight kilometers. It was at night so I couldn't see anything and in the dark I was chased by three dogs. I got scared and ran away.

The third day I went to the National park and I saw the famous rock in the island. You can see it under the sentences. As you can see it’s humongous. I think it’s bigger than my house back to japan. 

This Friday there was sports day. There are four kinds of teams: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. I was on the green. It’s the best sports day I ever had. It’s so different from a Japanese sports day. We had a discus throw and a hundred meter dash. I got first place in the hundred meter dash. My time was thirteen seconds. I think I’m faster than all of you guys reading this vlog. We also had a tug of war, we had four games and won three times. I had fun that day. I wish there’s one like this in Japan.

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