【Gleeson 】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記2/17

さて、今回はAdelaideのGleeson Collegeに留学しているFさんからのお便りです。学校での一日の様子がとても良くわかります。学校に慣れるまでの数日は大変なこともあったようです。それを乗り越えた頼もしさが感じられます。

Hello guys! This is T who is going to Gleeson College in Adelaide. It’s been 3 weeks since I came here! I have a lot of friends in school, and I can spend great time in Australia so far. I want to tell you how I am spending my time at Gleeson College!

I usually arrive at school around 8:30 and homeroom starts at 8:40. The first class starts at 8:55 and each class is 45 minutes. We always have double classes at the start of a day. So, we study from 8:55 to 10:25. Then, we have a 25-minute recess. I always go to the school grounds and eat some snacks with my friends.


After the recess, we have 3 classes. In the lunch time, almost people eat sandwiches, but some people go to canteen to buy some foods, drinks or ice creams.

I always eat sandwiches with my friends. After I eat, I will go to the basketball court and play basketball or soccer with my friends. I think playing some sports with someone is the best way to make friends!!!


After lunch, we have 2 classes. The last class ends at 15:20. This is my day!

It made me think about a lot of things after coming to Australia. There are differences in way of thinking between Japan and Australia. Different religion, culture and races.

Everything is different from Japan. For the first 2 days I had a hard time because I could not fit into school well. But I believe that such hard times will help me to grow. I want to challenge and experience many things in Australia. I am very looking forward to living in Australia and having a great school life. No challenges, no growth! See you guys in my next blog!!