Hi guys, This is R. I’m in Australia for almost one week, I’m having so fun staying here.


First day in Australia I was tired because I didn’t have enough sleep, but soon we went to school for orientation. I was surprised how big the school was. After the orientation, the host family picked me up to their house. Next day in the morning, I went for a walk around the large golf course. It took me about one hour to walk around. I was tired so I went to the mall to buy some food and drinks for my lunch. After my host family came home, they took me to the beach to catch crabs, there were so many fishers on the jetty. I caught two crabs that day.


Third day I went to the city with my friend T. The air was so fresh. We go around the whole city just for fun. The fourth day it was my first day of school. I was a little nervous, but a lot of students were so friendly, so I was able to make more than ten friends. I had fun except for the class. Some of the classes were difficult for me. For example, there was a religion class and me and my friends are all learning catholic. Sixth day after school I went to the park on top of the hill where there are wild kangaroos. There were so many kangaroos, they all had big muscles and jumping around the area.


Next day, I went to sushi restaurant near my school. That restaurant has good dishes. Seventh day me and my host family went boat fishing in the middle of the ocean.


I caught only one fish, but it was big. When I caught the fish, I was so surprised, when I tried to grab the fish, it starts moving to get off from my hand, the power was insane. I couldn’t even handle it, so my host helped me.  


That’s all for my first week in Australia, thanks for reading it.