Hi! I’m AJ. This time I’ll write about the wonderful days I spent in Australia. 

Firstly, about my favorite day. I had a favorite day in Australia. Its Tuesday. The reason is that we always go to a club. Near our house with friends of my host family. In the club, they have a restaurant and I always order chicken schnitzel. We had a nice time every Tuesday and     it became my favorite day.

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Secondly, my school. I went to Gleeson for only 8 weeksbut I made a lot of friends and memories. The most memorable subject was PE. In PE we did many team sports, like flag football, extreme frisbee, and some new sport. In these team sports, we need to communicate with the teammate and need to bond as a team. So it was a nice opportunity to make friends.

The friends I made in PE like Japanese so I taught some. Then they greet me in Japanese every morning. I was happy. I ‘won't forget the friends I made in Gleeson and one day I want to welcome them to Japan.

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Finally, The exchange program finished 2 weeks early because of the coronavirus and many plans and a lot of memories I should make have been spoiled. I feel sad about it but I learned many things here., and also a lot of friends, memories and a lot of experiences that I cant do in Japan. I’ll never regret that I joined this exchange program, and I'll someday use what I learned here.