3か月留学日記 15



Hi. My name is Sae. I'm in John Paul College. Today I would like to tell you about the school and the weekend. My class has changed my teacher in March, then it is very tough so that there are many homework. And the students do diagnosis test because we will determined by the teacher raise the level. So I have an important test everyday from last week. There are four tests.(Writing,Listening,Reading,Speaking) In addition,We will have Mathematics and Science tests are also next week. In Science we are currently studying abou the plants. This week, we went out of the classroom and we went to explored the kind of plants various. Mathematics are currently doing a fraction. This is very easy, but I have a great problem when it is a sentence problem, because there is English hurdle before solve Mathematics. English classes are mainly to increase the ability of grammer, listening and vocabulary. For the vocabulary, I have to remember 10 or more words everyday then do the test next day. For the grammer, print by three pages or more printed by the teacher are issued everyday. On the weekend, I enjoy doing a lot of things. I like watching the movies, the favorite movie is ''Twilight''. I want everyone to see this movie. I think that everyone is interested in English. Anyway, Today is Sunday!! I went to go the shopping mall with my friends. I spent a very fulfilling day, because I ate Sushi!! The Sushi was very similar to Japanese taste, so I was very satisfied. My Korean friends was saying that it was very delicious. I was vert happy to hear that. I am surprised that I have only two weeks, and I still want to be in Australia. Finally, I would like to do my best for the remaining 2 weeks!! See you.