2019 3か月留学日記⑨



Hi, my name is Nene Yanai.

I’m a temporary student of All Saints Anglican School.


First of all, I would like to introduce this lovely school and what am doing every day. I am mainly attending the English for grammar, math,

science and novel. In addition, I participate the class of chapel as a class activity and this is my fav favorite class. Through this activity, I learned what is kindness, what is love, why people have to help each other deeply. Of course, I sang the song, danced, and watched the video as well. Since I thought just reading the bible in this lesson, I was so surprised because of more fan activity in chapel class. In the sports class, we go to a shopping center to play bowling. At the shopping center, we could enjoy shopping with a classmate. Furthermore, we are planning to go to the beach to learn the life serving rule next week. I felt the freedom of culture in Australia.

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Secondly, please let me introduce my host family. My host family is very friendly and kind for me as my first impression. They always communicate with me through easy English when I cannot understand the conversation at home.  However, I could not listen to their English perfectly and could not talk about myself due to the poor English lever. I, therefore, became homesick from the second week. From the third week, I could talk a little bit more and could have a fun conversation with the family. Because I accustomed to speaking English calmly and understood how to respond to them If I cant understand their English. Even if I use the wrong grammar, they accept my English level because of their open mind. On the other hand, of course, I recognized that I have very limited English words and need to improve this during the rest of my homestay. My host family has six dogs, three poppy, four cats, five birds, two horses and other animals. They brought me to the sea or river to teach me how to enjoy the paddle boarding on holiday. Last week, myhost family organized me and Japanese friend to go a nice local restaurant. I really enjoyed a fantastic dinner. As you can see in the attached picture, I can see kangaroos while going out of home by car and this is my one of the favorite time.

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