Hi guys. I'm Student K who is going to St Paul's School. 

First, I'll talk about St Paul's. 

When I first went to school, I realized that the school was too wide. It took me a long time to find my class. 


What do you think, isn't it very wide? 

There are many kinds of playgrounds, such as three basketball courts, a golf course, and a cricket field. I was also impressed that almost all people  at the school were friendly so I can make friends easily. 

And also there are a lot of school events. For example, there are swimming competitions, ball games, etc. Some students wear clothes that look like military uniforms. 

Second, I'll talk about city. The day after arriving in Brisbane, I went to the beach with my host family. 

The beach feels the same as in Japan, but I thought the safety measures and rescue preparations were different. For example, when we were swimming in the sea, a siren sounded. Apparently a child was swallowed by a wave. At that moment, a rescue helicopter and some rescue surfers immediately headed for the rescue, and the rescue was successful in about 3 minutes. I was very surprised because they found the kid in a few minutes. 


There are no tall buildings around my house, 

so I can see beautiful clouds. 

Like this.↓ 

I'm studying English now, so I don't go out much. So when things calm down, I'll go to various places and introduce them to you. 

See you.