Hi, I’m Nene.  Please let me introduce my fantastic days in Australia.

I am studying in an international class that is consisted of twelve students. Firstly, "Don’t be afraid" is my learning point. One of my friends is always trying to speak English at school.  I learned that even if the grammar is not perfect, it is no problem. An embarrassment of English has been gone because of my classmate. They don’t care if English is wrong and keep talking until they understand. I think that it’s most important how to speak English actively.

In addition, regarding listening skills, I was so improved because I focused on learning vocabulary and useful phrases. A few days ago, my host mother brought me to a workshop that the host sister participated as a guest speaker. During the workshop, I tried to expand my relationship to find out the local friend. Trough the conversation, some participants who were almost the same generation taught me how to speak the right English, such as presentation skills. I really learned that the best way to

improve English is to communicate with local people. Even if I cannot understand their language, they always give me advice with a smile. Furthermore, I was so impressed by the host sister’s speech. Her key message was that never give up is fundamental for self-development. Even if we are teenagers, we should try to do it for the future. By this workshop, I decided to start considering my future development plan.

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