RSIC2022 Day7 ロンドンから


Today we had a baraza session. We first listened to keynote speakers give their point of view and experience on the environment and its problems. Then, we broke off into baraza groups to discuss what we heard and thought. For the first 10 minutes, we discussed about the keynote presentations, but by the end of the discussion, we were talking about what the environment is like in our home country, and what we can do about it to make it better. It was weird listening to environments of different countries because even though we live on the same planet, the situation is very different. I learned that our school does not do much to help the environment and do services. Or, the help we do is small and hidden, that it needs expanding. 


Today was the last day of RSIC. I exchanged my contact information with the many friends I made and took many pictures. During the first few days, I talked to my friends about the countries we are from and what our schools were like. But, by the end of the conference, we were talking more about our daily lives and personal interests. It was interesting to see how close you can get with people in just a week. Although we are going separate ways tomorrow, I hope that I can stay in touch with everyone.  


On the 24th we had a lot of fun in the morning. Even though we were very sleepy from the night before we were very excited to see many of the key land markers in London. We got to see the Big Ben, Several Theaters, and several old ships floating about in the River. After that we went back to Latymer to have a little Treasure hunt. But we ended up playing in the gym most of the time since it ended relatively quickly. For the night we had a little dinner and since it was our last day with most of the other students we had a nice goodbye and kept in contact with many of them.  I had a great time meeting them all.


各国の生徒と思いを共有し、Take less.  Be more.について考えました。今後、どう行動するか、世界をよくする変革者になるための指針を得た1週間でした。また、考え、発言し、行動に移す、その勇気を得た1週間でした。ありがとうございました。