留学日記 2016 Final⑥


Hello! days of March was Easter!
Easter is an event in celebration of revival of Christ.
Generally, Easter bunny hides chocolate in the garden and children find it.
I thought why we do beautiful decoration on eggs and why it was a bunny.
I asked a host mother and I researched.
The bunnies are known as an animal giving birth to a lot of children.
"Bunnies have a lot of children."…we compare this with revival of Christ.

Then, what are meaning of eggs?

The children of chickens are born from  eggs. Eggs represent new life.
Jesus was reborn on Easter Sunday.

we draw Easter eggs beautiful design. This is because children are glad if an egg seems to be beautiful when children looked for eggs.
In addition, it often draws a design with red. This red is a color of the blood of Christ. The blood expresses life and joy of the revival.

On 27th, Emmett and I got up early in the morning. Then We got presents from a host mother and a host grandmother!

I was very very glad.

We had  small baskets,
we went to the garden together and looked for a chocolate egg.
The chocolate is caught on a tree and hiding in the grass.
It seemed to be easy to look for it. But it was difficult.
I had a wonderful day!

I thought three months were long time before coming to Australia.
But, actually, it was very short.
And I had a very wonderful experience for me.
My learning things is everything.
I think that there is not one useless thing.
It is the memories that are the treasure.
I was able to make wonderful friends.
My friends said, "your English is very good!”
I was very glad.

I want to stay even more.

I said it to a host mother.
Then the host mother said.
"This isn't the end, and come back to Australia again. "
I was very glad of the words, and I cried in secret in a room.

This isn't the end.

For me, it may be a start.
I will study English  even more after I return to Japan.
I come to be able to speak more English, and I come to Australia again.

Hope you have good day tomorrow.

Thank you.