Hello guys!! This is T who is going to Gleeson College in Adelaide. It’s been 5 weeks since I came here! Before I knew it, my 5 weeks in Australia is over. It was so fast, and I think I can spend really great time so far. Before I came to Australia, I set a goal of making friends and hang out with them in Australia. That was my goal and, it was my dream. Today, I want to tell you about the day when my dream came true and what I thought.

Two weeks ago on Friday, I went to play soccer with my friends, and I watched my friend's soccer game. That was so fun, and I could enjoy that time. This is what I wanted to do, and it was a dream. So, I am very happy to make my dream come true.


I will treasure this picture and this experince the rest of my life. I tought them the Japanese famous game “Yubisuma” at halftime. They like to play it. So we often play it in school.


I made my dream come true and I thought that it is important to challenge or try anything. We do not need to afraid to try something new. If I didn’t try to ask my friends to play soccer, I think I couldn’t make my dream come true. I wrote “No challenge, no growth” in my last blog. I challenged to so many things and I experience many things. Then, my dream came true.
This is my last blog in Australia. I will continue to challenge a lot of things in Australia. Faliure is also necessary for personal growth. I will stay positive even if I fail. Thank you for reading all my blog. See you in Japan!!