2019 3か月留学日記④



Hi, I’m joining in Gleeson. I enjoy this school so much.We have many interesting subject so I will introduce someof them. First we have religion class, in this class we think and talk each other about one theme. For example our theme was love, it was very difficult class because we don’t have correct answer. Further we need to use English to express own idea.

Secondly we have MSSPI class. This is similar with LHRbut in Gleeson we do mass. We go to church and pray. Idon’t know how to prey correctly because this was first time for me, however my friends teach me how to prey correctly. In this school we have many chance to study about religions.

We have Japanese class so many students can speak Japanese, some of my friends try to talk me in Japanese. Lunchtime, my friends ask me Japanese school lifestyle.Exchanging information about own culture is very fun andalso it is good way to make many friends.

Learning at deferent school and living at foreign country is very hard things if we don’t make any mates. However if we can have many friends, it will be fun journey.

I’m exiting for my friends birthday party at this weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog.    

See you soon.

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