今日はアデレードのGleeson College に留学しているMさんからのお便りです。オーストラリアらしい挨拶から始まっています。

G’day from Australia. My adventures in Australia during the first two weeks. I have been in Australia for two weeks now and I’m having a lot of fun!
I went to school for the first time on Wednesday January 29th. In South Australia, high schools started on Wednesday. For the other students from Gleeson also it was the first day at school for the new semester, so they seemed to be excited.
I was so nervous because it was my first day at school in Australia and also first time taking all the classes in English medium.
Everyday at school we have seven periods/classes of 45-minutes each and we have two breaks. One break is 15 minutes and lunch break is 30 minutes. It is difficult for me to understand the classes because of the language and the Australian accent, but I do my best to understand by asking my new friends in class and my teachers. Unlike in Japan we didn’t stay in the same class, but for each period or subject we move to different classes. The students also changed for different subjects/classes. This surprised me a lot.
During the second week at school, on Thursday I played badminton with the new friends I made. We played badminton at a big indoor stadium. I haven’t exercised in a long time, so I was very tired after playing badminton with my friends.
On the first weekend my host family and I went to Adelaide city.


I went to see the iconic St. Peter's Cathedral. It is a beautiful historic building.
I also went to Rundle Mall which is a pedestrian street mall located in the middle of the city.
There are around 1000 stores and services in Rundle Mall.
“Malls balls” which are two steel balls on top of each other is a popular photo spot and also a popular meeting point for friends coming to Rundle Mall.
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After that, we went to central market.