【St.Paul’s 】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記3/2


Greetings from down under. It's S.N. It's already been a week when I posted the first blog. I'm spending busy days as usual. I forgot to write about some Australian culture I noticed at previous post. First, there are many one-story houses. I think because Australia has a lot of land. Second, one entrance door has two doors. I mean there are a screen door and a real  door, so during the day, it's closed the screen door only and at night, both are closed. It's never in Japan, so I felt interesting.


Third, every household has a candle. I'm surprised about that. Furthermore, sometimes it smells sweet. I want to have one in my house.

In my Australian Studies class, I'm making PowerPoint Presentation about state of Australia. Everyone has to choose one state of Australia, and I chose Queensland because there are many attractions. I also have literature class, and learning about Greek mythology. It's a little bit difficult but It's fun because I can learn about gods and what gods did. On 2nd March, I went to a shopping mall in Chermside with my roommate and friends.

I had my hair cut and found a unique yellow box. The hair salon where I went had a great atmosphere. And purpose of the yellow box is to reduce food waste and save the people who don' t get enough food. I'm impressed by this type of activity in Australia.

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This is the end of my blog, but I will have more and more enjoyable time too. And please enjoy other people's blogs. Thank you for reading my blogs.