【St. Paul’s】オーストラリア3ヶ月留学日記3/9


Hello guys. I`m K. This week had some things. Flrst, I changed to a homestay family. The new family is very good too. My family likes cooking. So every dinner is very delicious. I always talks with my family and roommate. My roommate is from Russia. He is friendly. So I often talk with him. His English is very good. So My English has improved. Next, I bought a school uniform and new physical education wear. St. Paul`s School uniform is very cool. So I want to wear them every school day. My physical education wear color is black. Yesterday I went to the zoo. That zoo has a lot of animals. So I had a lot of fun. The thing I remember most was the Koala. Koala was very cute. Koala's fur was like the touch of my house cat's fur.

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Today I ate lunch with my friends and teacher. Lunch was Sushi, sandwich and fruits. That was delicious.
I want to stay in Australia more because Australia is a very good place. But Japan is a better place. So I'm very mixed. I'll be back soon. So I am making sure there are no lasting regrets. See you!!