南アフリカにあるラウンドスクエア校、St Stithians Girls’ CollegeからAngelina Strydomさんが留学生として来ていました。ホームステイをしながら学校に通った体験について、感想を紹介します。

I am an exchang student from South Africa, and staying in Japan for a month. My experience of this beautiful country so far has been extraordinary and I am so greatful to be able to have this experience. In my first week, I was lucky enough to see the late Sakura blossoms and the famous Mount Fuji! I have gotten the chance to see how the life of students in Japan is and how they experience their everyday school and social life. The clean state of Japan is insane and it was the first thing I noticed when I arrived. I have also had the chance to try using trains as transport which has been new and exciting!

In the old Japanese classes, the sensei has been teaching Gwen and I same basic Japanese; like how to write our names and the alphabet. I am loving the lessons and can't wait to learn more! I have been listening in to the Japanese classes and trying to get more familiar with the langauge. In my first week I also got to experience the tea ceremony and I think I would like to join the club for an afternoon to learn more about the history and culture of Japanese tea. I have met some really amazing people who have warmly welcomed me into Kogakuin High School and been a part of my experinece and adventure in learning the beauty of Japanese culture and life. I can't wait to learn, see and take in more in my last upcoming week in Japan. What an amazing adventure! and delicious food! - Angelina