Flintridge Sacred Heart留学報告

2023年3月、アメリカ、カリフォルニアにあるFlintridge Sacred Heartにて、ラウンドスクエアの交換留学生として過ごした高等学校2年生からの報告です。

This exchange student program have made me learn and experience of several new things. 


First to start off this was my first time  experience as an exchange student nevertheless I have lived and visited many countries .

I think doing everything by your own such as waking up, studying, laundry, shopping and cleaning at a young age can make our independence grow more.  I was nervous to travel alone but when I asked my roommate if she's nervous to come to Japan she seemed very excited and ok with traveling alone by explaining how she have been doing everything alone here in the dorm. Which I think is the merit of living in a dormitory.

For the school, it was not what I expected. Since American schools don't have a permanent class like Japan I thought everyone would be individualized and minding their own business but everyone was so welcoming and kind, I had a very good time there. I was truly overwhelmed.


I also loved how fun and free the classes were. The students and teachers were very close. Everyone was having "fun" participating instead of being shy. This school also had unique classes like Forensic science, sculpture and engineering which I never had during my high school life.  

We also visited a jail on a school excursion which was a very interesting , unique & once in a  life time experience.  I also got to see some inmates which I didn’t expect to see.  We also had some activities in school such as comedy sports which was my first time seeing it. Also a round square arranged coffee house. I also liked how we got to choose what classes we want to have unlike Japan.  Since in Japan its either Science course or Art course and the options are really limited. 

On the weekends the dormitory would plan several trips and I would sign up for new trips every weekend. The dorm teachers were very fun to talk to and the people in the dorm were very nice too. I have made tons of memories in the weekends and it was so much fun.


To me the most fun part of this program was my dorm life. The small things I got to do while I was in the dorm such as just talking in the room, going for a walk with one of the dogs when the weather was fine , going to dinner and going to the gym. I have always had negative mind for a dorm because I didn't like the idea of leaving families, friends and home but I had so much fun  instead than I expected. 

Thanks to this exchange program I started loving the dormitory life so much.  Like this, having to experience this program have changed my values and the way is see things. I am really glad I took this chance to go experience all this.