留学日記 2016 Final⑦




Hi! The last time to write a blog ... last I will  write my impressions on through study abroad.
 My purpose of in the study abroad, as well as progress of the language and know the differences in the things of thinking Japan and overseas, it was that so-called spread the Observations. I felt worry because My English is not good, But I could learn a lot of things. So I think my purpose can be accomplished. I felt most of the big difference with Japan is classes at school. Abilities required in Japanese school and Australian school were different. Specifically, Japanese school wants students to cultivate concentration and emergy through troublesome things like memorization. Australian school wants students to cultivate ability of solve problems through examime learning. In the former and latter, I thought in today's society, latter needs more than former. It may neglect remember knowledge. But I don't think so because it has"put together examine the knowledge in order to do a challenge" in the process to do a problem. Rather, just than easier to remember than copy the character of the blackboard? It is about I think. In this way, whether copper is Japan's education by obtaining a comparison with Japan, culture is whether the special, that, such as is to be able to evaluate objectively, by that there was a comparison of Japan to reverse , I think that I wonder if the fact that spread the Observations which was the objective could be achieved. This is only an example, I can also feel the difference in this comparison other things. "Japan objectively view" that is, it will not actually be without first take a look at Japan from overseas. In that sense, I think it is very valuable that's pretty experience in the young age of 16 years old. Friends and teachers of Gleeson, teachers of Kogakuin, and the host family and the Japanese family, thanks to all of the people who are involved. Even as experience, for everyone who have supported this 10 weeks became the best of things as memories, I will send them this word it as the end of the blog.

Really, really thank you ...!