International Youth Day2021をインドの高校生と共催

11月20日土曜日、インドのSAI International Schoolと本校生徒がInternational Youth Dayを共同開催しました。オンラインで世界の若者が集い、一つのテーマについて話し合います。テーマはフェミニズム、スローガンは”Everyone Should Be A Feminist”です。日本時間午後2時から8時まで、インド、ウガンダ、ガーナ、アラブ首長国連邦、オーストラリア、日本から約20校、200名余りが参加する、大きな会議を企画運営しました。






I was nervous about the session at first but when we started to prepare for the International Youth Day I got to learn a lot about how events such as this one first gets drawn out then roles given to different groups. I personally never participated in a large event as big as this and I was surprised to see the number of people joining the session when the event started. In this event we mainly talked about the topic of Feminism and what it really means. There were many different views on Feminism. I got to know about the meaning of Feminism a lot more than previously but the main idea of Feminism which everyone seemed to have agreed on is about gender equality. I also really liked the keynote speaker’s idea of Feminism being there for both Men and Women. We also broke up into smaller sessions called Barazzas to talk about some unique topics involving Feminism. Our’s was Feminism and Art which might sound like a unusual topic but it has played a key role in the visualization of Feminism through out the years. Although I wasn’t very good at moving the conversation along during the Barazza I got to observe how other people did it and I would like to use that to improve my own skills for the future. Over all I had fun during the entire event and it was definitely an invaluable experience for me. 




田中君とともに話し合いの司会を担当した本島さんの感想です。本島さんは、International Youth Day全体の総合司会を担当し、開会挨拶を務めました。

今回は初めて長い時間Baraza Leaderという大事な役割を果たしました。事前に準備をしていなければ多くの人に迷惑をかけることになっていたので、何週間も前から準備をしました。本番では事前準備の成果がでました。 私のグループのテーマは"Feminism & Art"でした。このグループではFeminist Artをみて、自分たちでもFeminist Artを作りました!グループのメンバーみんなが積極的に発言してくれたので、たくさんの意見を聞けてとても楽しかったです。ミーティングはzoomで行われたので、ネット環境の問題は時々ありましたが、全体的に流れよくグループをリードすることができたと思います。



同じくデザインチームで企画運営を担当した大野さんの感想です。"Feminism or Feminazism?"について話し合うグループの司会を担当しました。

It was a great privilege for us to host this year’s IYD with SAI International School. Although we did have some obstacles in organizing meetings that both schools can participate—mainly due to the time difference between Japan and India—we were, in the end, able to call everything a success. In my baraza group I came across many intelligent and friendly students from different parts of the world, who each had their own say in what they considered to be feminism. Our collaboration in hosting such a large-scale and engaging event proved that we now have a huge potential in connecting with people from various parts of the world, thanks to the advancement of technological communications. We all know that Zoom exists, but its enormous possible influence on our lives and sense of connection with the others remains largely yet to be discovered. I would like to embrace this potentiality that our IYD this year has just initiated for us in Kogakuin, and actively keep on seeking for places where we can connect with diverse people. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and teachers in both Japan and India. ここからつながる—our story begins from here. f:id:kgi-nakagawa:20211123170258p:plain

大野さんは、お互いの言語で”Everyone Should Be A Feminist”を書こう、という企画も担当し、日本語での書き方のお手本を示しました。




Throughout this event we co-hosted with SAI International School, I’ve learned a lot about the know-how of organizing an event. There were a lot of things to consider about, such as time difference between regions, Baraza topics, and the overall schedule from preparation to the end of the day. To host an event needs a lot of dedication and offers a lot of communication with your team. I sometimes found difficulties having conversations with students in India since both of the students (SAI International School and Sr. Highschool of Kogakuin University) were busy with school work. The time difference also gave a lot of challenges. But I believe that we were able to tame this kind of issue by working on things that we can do by ourselves beforehand. More than just having fun contributing for this year’s IYD Event, I learned how difficult it is to be a moderator of such a big event. I am hoping to improve my skills, so that I can challenge myself again to perform better. I sincerely thank SAI International School for giving such an amazing opportunity to co-host this year’s International Youth Day 2021, “We should all be Feminist”.



I learned that the support and understanding of men is indispensable for improving the position of women and advancing into society. Uganda is a distant African country, but I think that the situation in Japan has something in common in terms of aiming to improve the status of women. In Japan, junior high school and high school students like us do not have many opportunities to exchange opinions, but I was very impressed to see Indian students in the conference had their own ideas and were not hesitant to express their opinions openly. I thought I want to be sensitive to social issues and think about them so that I could get used to speeches and debates in future.


4か月に至る準備期間を経て、インドのSAI International Schoolの生徒たちと本校生徒たちが企画運営し、共同開催に至りました。毎週のように話し合いを重ね、テーマ、時程、役割分担、会議内容を議論し、企画を一つ一つ丁寧に決定してきました。オンラインで資料を共有しながら、パンフレットや動画も作成しました。本校生徒を自分の学校の生徒同様に接し、指導してくださったSAI International Schoolのジェシカ先生、各バラザグループをご担当くださった先生方、ご参加の皆様に感謝しております。ありがとうございました。