オーストラリアのSt. Paul's Schoolに留学している生徒K君からの報告です。

Hi! I’m a student K who is studying abroad at St Paul’s School in Brisbane. This is quite sudden but look at this photo. Which one do you think is the coin that is AU$1? 

The left side of the photo is the AU$1 coin and the right side is an AU¢50 coin. 

I found out a week after I came to Australia. It'sv ery different from Japan. The AU¢50 coin is bigger than AU$1 coin. 

By the way, my homestay house is very livable, and the family is very friendly! 

This photo is the first dinner when I came to Australia. Unlike Japan, this dinner has almost zero vegetables. 

This house has training machines outside of this house, so I can train any time.                               

In Australia, many people don’t eat enough vegetables, so we will become unhealthy if we don’t do exercise. So, these machines are very good for me. 

The student J who is doing homestay in the same house is going to do homestay 3 years from this year. I was surprised to hear that. 

Australia's classes are looser than Japan's. For example, there are13 people in 1 class, we can freely speak in class, there's no nomination system, and 45 minutes classes in 4th and 6th period. 

This photo is from the actual classroom. 

I was surprised because the classroom is very wide even though there are only a few people in class. No seats are assigned, so we can take a seat next to each other with our friends. 

This photo is an actual shopping mall in Brisbane. This shop has many registers which aren't manned. 


It was a bad blog but thank you for reading to the end. My next blogging day is the week of 3/13, so if you read again, I will be happy. See you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!