ルーマニアとの交流 Round Square Virtual Exchange

1月より6週間、本校生徒たちは、ルーマニアのラウンドスクエア校Transylvania Collegeの生徒たちとオンライン交流を実施してきました。本日は中学校3年生N.Jさんの記録から交流についてご紹介いたします。


This week, Sonia and I set up a meeting on Saturday from 5 p.m. (10 a.m for her) .  We both prepared a list of questions we wanted to ask each other and asked them in order. We talked for about an hour and said goodbye because Sonia had many things to do after the meeting. I was also able to greet her family! She has a little sister in 5th grade and she was very adorable… I introduced Sonia to my family too, but my parents can’t speak English very well so we wrapped it up early.  I’m excited to see her again (online) today after school!  


This week we created a questionnaire with 20 questions about our own countries for each other with google forms. It was a bit difficult so I had to do some research for questions and I was able to learn a lot about Romania! (Example : How to say ‘I love you’ in Romania, Easter traditions, Popular song, Famous tennis player etc.)  Sonia and I  got 19 out of 20 right so I guess it was just the right difficulty for us. She was saying that she’s making Sushi sometime and I’m planning on cooking some “Chiftele” which is a Romanian meatball. She sent me a recipe for it so I plan on making it next week! 


Yesterday I had an online movie night with Sonia and we watched her favorite movie “Now You See Me”. It was so much fun and the movie had such a surprise plot twist that I was at a loss for words… Today, we are planning on watching another movie and this time I picked the movie:) But I really liked “Now You See Me” so I’m having second thoughts about watching the second season of it… 

We watched “Now You See Me 2” today and it was really fun! The ending was such a plot twist where they acted like they lost to the bad ones but it was all just acting. We promised that we would watch season 3 together if it comes out:) 

Today, Sonia and I had a WhatsApp video call from 6:40~7:05. We couldn’t talk for a long time because I had calligraphy lessons until 6:40 and she had something from 7. However, we were able to teach each other some useful phrases in our languages! 


Yesterday, Sonia and I ate dinner (lunch for her) together with our families. She made Gyu-don and I made Sarmalae. (Sarmalae is a Romanian dish which is similar to the dish “Roll cabbage” in Japan, but you put rice in the ground meat and chopped vegetables.) 

I loved how Sarmalae tasted and it was even tastier with sour cream! I learned that in Romania, they use a lot of sour cream and that it makes the food taste really good. (I’m in love with sour cream now…) 


This 6 week virtual exchange was a very meaningful time for me, getting to know about my partner and her country Romania. Even if it was online, we were able to watch movies together and was even able to have dinner with each other’s families virtually. It was such an amazing experience for me because I cooked and ate Romanian traditional food for the first time! I would really like to visit Romania some time soon...