Math Saves the World~コロンビアの生徒とエネルギー問題を考える~

アルゼンチンの首都ボゴタにあるラウンドスクエア校、Colegio Los Nogalesと本校生徒がMath Saves the Worldというプロジェクト実施しています。これは、SDGs目標7をテーマに両校生徒がそれぞれ国内のエネルギー問題について調査し、調査からわかった数字を用いて数学の問題を作成するプロジェクトです。両国の生徒たちは互いの数学の問題を解くことによって、エネルギー問題を考えます。



Math Saves The World is a project that not only calls for academic application but also for creativity. Designing math problems out of raw data is a bit like solving a puzzle for the mind: you have to set certain variables and show relationships between them so that students will be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to real-world problems—such as with the issue of Japan’s energy production and consumption that we are dealing with right now. But math is not just limited to numbers; deep down it is rooted in logical thinking. In Japan, math is primarily taught as a subject that demands rigorous calculations and training. That itself is important, but it becomes more beneficial when students see how it is “saving” the actual world. We noticed that the “math problems” that our collaborators in Colombia had come up with were not at all about solving equations and finding numerical values. Logically deducting an explanation of certain social phenomena from graphs, too, is “math.” And so, as students who are familiar with both of these approaches, we strive to create our own problems that our students can academically recognize, but at the same time to introduce the discipline that lies behind the “math” that they are usually taught: logic, with its diverse applications.