音楽で繋がる世界 日本語ラボ







Our last Japanese lab yet again turned out to be a success. We received much praise from both student participants and teachers, one of which related to us that our teaching was wonderful and that she also learned much in our session to become “a better teacher.” I think the main source of our success lay in our achievement in speaking a common language—between us, the hosts, and the participants. There are two types of language: one is characterized by the actual spoken words and grammatical structures, and divided according to different tongues and cultures. Of course, the main objective of these language lab sessions was to communicate the tongue that we possess towards people who don’t. But every established objective or plan to commit oneself to a specific task is something like a container, and you must have something to fill it up with. Well, this something was the second type of language: the communication behind the words, transmitted among one another by your own sense of purpose and joy you sincerely bring to the session. Once a such communication was achieved, you could sense it in others through their cameras. You could also tell when what you are trying to communicate isn’t falling in their 腑. What I prepared today for the beginner class turned out to be a little challenging for my participants’ levels—I quickly noticed this so I went back to the very basics. Or, when I came across a slightly advanced grammatical explanation I had prepared in my slides, I tried to show it to them merely as a fun fact regarding the Japanese language that they'll hopefully keep at the back of their minds when they go on to study Japanese deeper in the future. I didn’t aim for perfection to absolutely achieve our main objective, but rather focused on the other communication—the one which so passionately says: “Here is what Japan is”—with the deep-rooted native Japaneseness of me.