アフリカ大陸中西部の国、タンザニア連合共和国の第2の都市アル―シャにあるSt.Constantine's International Schoolの生徒たちと本校生徒はオンライン交流を実施しました。1月から3月までの記録を報告いたします。




My exchange parter, Crista and I set up a meeting on Saturday from 3 pm (9 am in Tanzania) so we can chat and introduce our family members to each other.  


So today, we had a zoom meeting, and talked for an hour. I met Crista and her family. She was 14 and her birthday was in April. Her two younger sisters were 7 and 9 years old. Her parents were both physicians and had his own hospital. She also had a dog. In her neighborhood, Arusha, they could see Kilimanjaro and safaris. Right now, in the pandemic, Tanzania isn’t really strict so they can go to actual schools. Her school is an international school, and she is in the first year of high school. The school year starts in late August, but in normal schools in Tanzania, students normally speak Swahili and the school years starts in January and ends in December.  

It was really great to talk to her today! 


Today we called using WhatsApp and taught each other words and phrases in each other’s languages. I learned a lot of Swahili words and phrases. According to Crista, ‘jambo’ which I learned from the internet was not used in Tanzania and instead it was used more in Kenya. Instead, they used zosubui(good morning), sikamo(a formal greeting to older people), mambo and poa(with your friends), and kessho((see you) tomorrow) as a way of greeting.  

I also learned that she loved Harry Potter!!! I was so happy because I loved it too and we talked about it for a while. We decided to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and watch the movie too for our assignment for week 5.  

It was so fun and I enjoyed it very much!